The Denwa group comprises six companies viz

  • Denwa Engineering
  • Denwa Systems
  • Denwa Construction
  • Denwa Properties
  • DJW Developments
  • Denwa Marketing

All of the above are Proprietary Limited registered companies and are engaged in the following activities:

1.  Denwa Engineering (DenEng)
This company was established in 1989 and designs, manufactures and supplies Electrical Switchgear, PLC Panels and various electrical enclosures (the range of products supplied is more fully set out in "Products"). DenEng is also an approved vendor for various mining houses and industrial organisations as set out in "Approved Vendors".

2.  Denwa Systems (DenSys)
This company supplies computer hardware and provides software support services to customers as well as to the associated companies.

3.  Denwa Construction (DenCon)
DenCon owns manufacturing plant and equipment, which it hires exclusively to DenEng. The company also provides labour, transportation and painting services in the form of wet spray and protective coatings.

4.  Denwa Properties (DenProp)
This company owns immovable property in close proximity to the present operation on which the group plans to construct its own factory and offices. In doing so, the company will make suitable allowance for future expansion.

5.  DJW Developments (DJW)
DJW owns immovable property in Rustenburg, which houses the activities of the group in the area.

6.  Denwa Marketing (DM)
DM is a black owned company which has purchased 26% equity in Denwa Engineering (Pty) Ltd. This company markets the “Denwa” range of products along with a range of mechanical products and services by Progressive Engineering (Pty) Ltd.

The Shareholders of Denwa Engineering (Pty) Ltd. Have sold 26% of the issued share capital in the company to a newly formed P.D.I. Company namely Denwa Marketing (Pty) Ltd, registration number: 2005/019777/07.

The Shareholders of Denwa Marketing (Pty) Ltd are all previously disadvantaged individuals with 83% of the shares owned by employees of Denwa Engineering (Pty) Ltd. We are BEE compliant.

Apart from the formal; documented system as set out in our Quality Manual, DENWA ENGINEERING still relies on tried and tested methods to achieve the ultimate relationship between ourselves and our clients.
We are innovative, always looking for better ways to do things, the ultimate goal being to remain profitable and to satisfy our customers. With this in mind we revert to certain norms and codes of conduct.
  • First and foremost is integrity- we are proud of the way we do business.
  • Communication-Hence our comprehensive Quality System.
  • Irrespective of Cost, we will deliver a Quality Product.
  • Our Clients are our livelyhood- we(will) fulfill our commitments, and try to do it right the first time.
We therefore pledge our commitment to Produce a Quality Product. We sincerely believe that we will be able to increase our performance and efficiency, to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients by implementing the Quality Programme as detailed in or Quality Mangement System.

Our motto is "Customer Satisfaction"

DENWA Engineering is committed to a Policy of effective quality Management, which applies to Management and all Company Personnel.
The Company’s Quality Policy is that Products and Services supplied will give complete Customer Satisfaction by meeting the Customer’s defined requirements and specifications, cost effectively, and by delivering as per schedule.
In order to satisfy this Policy it is the objective of DENWA Engineering to continue to implement a Quality Program which will be in compliance with SABS 0157 part II 1987 / ISO 9002 1987 “code of Practice for Quality Management Systems”.

"The "Denwa Design MCC has a South African Bereau of Standards Test report confirming its efficiency and manufacturing quality standards TO A CURRENT RATING OF 70ka.

Denwa currently employ five accredited SABS SWITCHGEAR and CONTROL ASSEMBLY assessors in tems of SANS 10142-1, SANS 1473-1 and SANS 60439-1

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